About Us

With affordable real-estate & mortgage services, the Reliance Group has been serving those living in or looking to invest in Hollywood FL, Pembroke Pines, Dania Beach, Aventura and South Florida, for over 15 years. Many homeowners found and bought their home with our help and guidance and others have found buyers for their homes through us.
Whether a house is being bought or sold, there are documents and processes that must be followed. A realtor will help in getting a buyer or seller, negotiating a price and getting a closing date.
As offers on houses are made and houses are put on the market, we will review offer prices made or received and ensure that no rights as a home buyer or seller are violated. Before making or accepting an offer on a house, we thoroughly go over the terms and conditions of a sale or purchase subject to the review and approval of an attorney before signing anything.

We are licensed and certified real estate agents in the states where we operate. This means we would be obligated by law to meet the costs of any outcome that may put the ownership of a home in question or dispute as a result of negligence on their part. We are however happy to report that we have never been involved in such a situation and have a long list of satisfied clients.
For those looking to buy a home, one role we play is to help you break down the purchase contract into language you can understand. This includes how you get an ownership deed or title. We will also check to verify that there exist no conflicting claims of ownership or debt attached to the property that is not declared, such as a mortgage or other loan taken with the house as security.
All the necessary legal documents will also be prepared and registered for you. We will also clarify the terms of a mortgage if the house is still unpaid for and modify them if necessary. Any adjustments will the checked before the transaction is closed, including any taxes and utility bills that may be unpaid.

Our representative will also be present at the closing of the deal and they will review all the papers to be signed beforehand. Title insurance to cover you from losses that may occur from title defects will also be our duty. So will ensuring that you get valid registered ownership subject to only accepted liabilities.
If you are selling a house, we will look into the same details. We will review and negotiate the purchase and sale agreement and negotiate terms as well. In this case, we will also arrange for transfer of security deposits and arrange insurance certificates if so needed.
Reliance Realty can also be relied on to provide mortgages services where we advise clients on the various options available and advise them on what would work best for them. We discuss the best options depending on a client’s personal situation in terms of income level, whether they are first time buyers, their credit rating and other factors that lenders look into. We then match them with the best options available as well find them homes to buy.

Foreclosure is always a concern and we understand this. We offer foreclosure assistance in form of foreclosure protection and we always strive to make sure we give a client the best option for them to avoid a situation where they are facing foreclosure because they cannot keep up with mortgage repayments. We are also available for those who may be looking for property to rent or lease rather than buy.
Whatever your real estate needs may be, Reliance Realty is there to walk you through the journey of finding a home to buy or rent or to finding a buyer for your property if you wish to make another place your home. You can rely us to walk with you on every step of the way until you arrive at your real estate destination, whether you are coming and going, buying or selling.