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In Hollywood Florida, reliance group has for 15 years helped many residents to find, rent and buy suitable homes that satisfied their needs. Actually, we are the leading when it comes to mortgage and real estate services. And anyone looking to invest or find Rentals in Hollywood Florida should probably seek for services from Reliance Group at

The Hollywood beach in Florida is a place full of life that bustles with energy and different activities. Despite the hustle and bustle, rentals in Hollywood are family friendly and accessible as well. Located along the coast of Atlantic near Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood has established an identity of its own. About two miles of the beachfront in Hollywood only allows foot traffic. Along this path, there are friendly and wide boardwalks where you can see joggers, strollers and walkers in large numbers. There is much fun as people play volleyball while spectators buy ice cream cones. Such activities and sites create excellent mood for a walk or a stroll.

There are various rentals that can fit anyone, a vacation rental, an office rental or just a home rental for those who would like a permanent stay. For the vacation rentals, they are available for any kind of person. Thus you do not have to be a millionaire nor have friends from the higher class to own one of these houses. At Reliance Group, we offer diverse rentals for vacations at the most affordable and fair price.

All that you need is research on the best deals, but with extensive information from us you are assured of the best services and the best deals. To top it off, the best thing about vacation rentals is that you can always come and go at any time that you feel like. Rentals in Hollywood will make you feel at home, and transportation hassles will be the least of your worries. Additionally, there are shopping malls which are a walking distance from most of the houses.

In Hollywood, one can always explore such places like an art gallery, golf courses, eco tours etc. we can help you settle in style and at ease. For example, you can picture a condo on the shoreline that is adorned with a touch of sophisticated taste. A master bedroom facing the surf, a king sized bed that shall send you into dreamlands every night and a Jacuzzi tub promising tension-relief of your muscles.

Why us?

You may be asking yourself why Reliance. Well, apart from the numerous options of rentals, Reliance Group is a licensed and a certified agency that provide you with the best services in real estate rentals in Hollywood Florida. Meaning, there is a very limited chance of disputes.

When represented by us, we will ensure that all legal documents are reviewed before a deal is closed. Also, there will be clarification of terms and conditions. Because of this, any changes that might occur on a mortgage are occasionally checked and changed where necessary.



What you need to know when choosing a Florida mortgage broker.

What you need to know when choosing a Florida mortgage broker.

Shopping for a new house can be a tough process, especially when selecting which Florida mortgage broker to work with. This is probably one of the more vital steps in the process, since finding the perfect broker will get you better rates and the most appropriate home loan for you. This post will clarify how you can ensure that you find the most suitable one for your needs.

Request for any prospective candidate’s qualifications and enquire about their experience within the field. There`re many accreditations available to mortgage brokers, the majority of which will exhibit specialized knowledge. Additionally, if it is the first time you’re buying a house, you want to ensure that your broker is knowledgeable and experienced. Be sure you do your investigation beforehand as well. Keep in mind, most home loans last for 15 to 30 years, so this is certainly a decision which will be  part of you  for several years to come. Don’t assume all agents are equally knowledgeable on personal finance, so you’ll need to ensure that you comprehend any possible consequences a feasible loan.

A good broker should be flexible and creates good rapport. This is essential as each person has specific circumstances that might need supplemental attention. Excellent first impressions could be built or ruined within just the first minutes of meeting a person as a home loan is a quite personal process and in some cases might be a lengthy process, having someone you get an excellent feeling about is really a great start particularly as this connection may be one which lasts many years

Once you’ve refined the field to some potential brokers, speak to them and ensure that you get on with them. You’ll have to put a good level trust in your home broker, and it’s essential that you get on with them. Moreover, you should ensure that they take note of your needs and have you informed during the process. Home mortgages can be tricky and a little change can have big impact later on, so make sure you know what is happening.

Some brokers also post reports and host seminars pertaining to property and finance that you can attend and read for free. This might be helpful in analyzing their experience and expertise.

Ask your friends and tell them you’re looking for a house, some of them may have used a broker somewhere and may be able to help as well

Since picking a mortgage is one of the primary financial decisions you can make, it is crucial that you select the right Florida mortgage broker. With a little amount of research and a few careful questions, you may be sure you place your financial future on the right hands

Are you searching for a Florida mortgage broker? Its time you used an experienced mortgage broker to ensure that you get the best value and direction.

Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood Florida

Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida are thought of as two of the most sought after localities for real estate investors. As the Sunshine State of the USA, Florida draws in a great deal of attention from buyers looking to invest in property in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood FL.

Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood FL, is a great place for investors with some money to spare. Although many people have had to sell their full-time vacation homes in the economy crunch, anyone with some extra cash at hand has the ideal opportunity to invest it here. Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood FL, is home to many different luxury condominiums, most of which are built with a view of the ocean and excellent amenities and services. Both renters and buyers will find that these condominiums are ideal for their use – every room is equipped with the latest appliances, making the condominiums <!–more–>excellent investments in the long run as well.

The great thing about owners selling their property right now is that anyone with some money can invest in it. At the current depressed rates, it’s almost a bargain – buy the property, let it escalate in price for a while and wait for it to climb. You’ll either be homeowner, or a very rich investor.

Real estate in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood is, no doubt, highly coveted by investors all over the country. The prices of property will continue to rise, and now would be the ideal time to make an investment. Although it may seem a little on the expensive side, the great thing about it is that prices are steadily climbing every day. As homeowners face financial crunches and sell their property, it becomes even easier to buy a great piece of real estate in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood FL as a wonderful long-term investment.

Real Estate in South Florida- An Inside View

Despite of the recession, real estate in South Florida is enjoying the boom period in 2nd half of this year. A number of sellers were able to sell their properties for good money within just seven days. Real estate data shows that the national market reached the bottom in Feb, and average price of houses is just around a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which is equal to the prices of 2004. Prices depend upon a number of reasons, and two of them are interest rates and governmental influence. A decrease in interest rates leads to increase in property prices. The government can promote property in a <!–more–>particular region by providing more facilities and attracting foreign investment.

Real Estate Prices in South Florida

Among all real estate markets in the U.S, South Florida has shown the most impressive figures with the lowest point in April last year. During that period, people from foreign countries showed interest and properties were sold for cheap. People that made investments in April last year can easily sell their properties for good profits now. It is difficult to earn good profit on a property within a year. A perfect example is of the Downtown Miami Condos which have a value of around $290,000 right now, but were previously sold for just $75,000. This clearly shows the profits people have earned within a year, but this example should not be considered for price increment of all the properties.

Current Trends in South Florida

Median home prices in South Florida during April 2011 were a hundred thousand dollars, and the current price is a hundred and thirty six thousand dollars. So, generally speaking, there is a thirty six percent increase in prices of houses. It must be acknowledged that real estate in South Florida witnessed the worst crash, which is one of the reasons for the quick appreciation of property during the past couple of months. Thirty six percent increase in median prices is a clear proof that Miami is among the top comeback real estate markets in the whole country.

Reasons for Quick Price Appreciation

Another reason for quick price appreciation is the prime location of the region. South Fl is counted among the most desired locations residential and business locations in the United States of America. The sub-tropical climate and miles long clean beaches make it a wonderful place to live in. South Fl is also important from business point of view, as tourism and port related businesses are highly successful. Several multi-national companies’ trade on the ports of South Fl and that creates job opportunities for locals. Beaches of Miami have achieved the status of international tourist spots, which is why the properties on these beaches are pretty expensive.

Luxury Properties

Luxury condos present in the state are important from investment point of view. Three of the most popular places for luxury condos are Bal Harbor, Sunny Isles, and the South Beach. Bal Harbor is located in northern section of the barrier island called Miami Beach. Sunny Isles has numerous impressive condos lined up on the white sandy beach just as if precious gems lie right by the ocean. South Beach is another great place to find luxury condos. This area has easy approach to numerous facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Overall, there are numerous real estate investment opportunities in South Florida and you can find the best properties on