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Word: Definition:
NATURAL RESOURCES Viable and/or renewable products of nature; natural environments of soil, air and water; plants and animals on grasslands, rangelands, croplands, forest, lakes, and streams.
NAVIGATION SERVITUDE Public right of navigation for the use of the people at large.
NEGOTIABLE A promissory note, or similar instrument, is said to be negotiable if title to the instrument, and the money it represents, can be transferred by mere endorsement and delivery by the holder, or by delivery only.
NET INCOME in general, synonymous with net earnings, but considered a broader and better term the balance remaining, after deducting from the gross income all operating expenses, maintenance, taxes.
NET LEASE A lease agreement whereby the lessee pays all property charges (taxes, insurance, maintenance) in addition to rent. Local market customs and terms vary, in some areas, “net, net” and “net, net, net” are used.
NONEXCESS PROPERTY Property required for an Army mission but proposed for sale: the proceeds would fund acquisition of replacement land or facilities. Authority to sell non-excess property is found at 10 U.S.C. 2667a.
NONUSABLE CONDITION Describes a facility which is unserviceable because of deterioration, because it requires extensive restoration, or because it is dangerous to equipment or to the health and safety of personnel.
NOTE A written instrument acknowledging a debt and promising payment.
NOTICE TO QUIT A written notice from a landlord to a tenant that the tenant must vacate the premises at the end of the term or immediately, if the lease is at will.